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Description:   This article describes how to use opencv to the Fourier transform of the picture, its core functions is the the opencv comes with the dft (). DFT techniques is mapping the spatial domain to the frequency domain has a pivotal position in the image processing. Here we just get the transformation of the results and see what are the characteristics of poor domain map. Experimental feature: Click on the Open Image button to manually choose to open a picture, regardless of whether it is a color picture here unified convert to grayscale images, because of the need to accelerate the speed of the DFT operation. Move the mouse to the image display area, click the picture, then displays the DFT intermediate results diagram, that is, no low-frequency domain to point to move to the center of the picture. Shown in the picture text prompts. Click the picture, will show that the DFT results after the last re-layout diagram, of course, there is a corresponding text prompts. Continue to click the pictur

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