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Description:   This book is about 3D math, the study of the mathematics behind the geometry of a 3D world. 3D math is related to computational geometry, which deals with solving geometric problems algorithmically. 3D math and computational geometry have applications in a wide variety of fields that use computers to model or reason about the world in 3D, such as graphics, games, simulation, robotics, virtual reality, and cinematography. This book covers theory and practice in C++. The “theory” part is an explanation of the relationship between math and geometry in 3D. It also serves as a handy reference for techniques and equations. The “practice” part illustrates how these concepts can be applied in code. The programming language used is C++, but in principle, the theoretical techniques from this book can be applied in any programming language. This book is not just about computer graphics, simulation, or even computational geometry. However, if you plan to study thos

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