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Description:   Search engine technology abroad than in China as early as the past decade, from the earliest Archie, later, Excite, and altvista, overture, google and other search engines available, search engines now have ten years of history, while thethe country began to study the search engine is in the beginning of this century of the last century. In many areas, are foreign products and technology dominate the world, especially in the case when certain technology abroad for many years and has only just begun. Such as operating systems, word processing software, browse more, but the search engine is an exception. Although search engine technology in foreign countries already began to study, but gradually emerged in the country or a good search engine like Baidu in the search. In the field of Chinese search engine, the search engine has the effect of foreign search engines far off. Has been able to form such a situation, one important reason is that the Chinese and English languages ​ ​

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