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Upload time: 2006-02-08 10:27:03
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Description:   UCOS-II on the ARM S3C44B0X transplant source code. Transplant Note : I did not uCOS before transplantation, and the Internet, a number of cases but most are not directly run, but there are also a lot of mistakes. Many also found "transplant" is faithful parade washing, and also the wrong parade. Transplantation is the code I understand many of the code according to their length of their experience, absolutely original! ! ! because there are a lot of code with the majority of transplants different, it TIE out sharing, hope to be able to transplant uCOS people to inspire and help. Because of my personal time too much, not what to write transplant "causes" : Details of transplantation in the proceedings of the Notes have been very detailed, here is not more. Attention sho

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