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Description:   The voltage sag is one of most hot topics in dynamic electric energy problems. Masses of new power and electron facilities have been put into use widely, requiring a high quality of electric network and power, chiefly the voltage sag. Moreover, the voltage sag can spread in the electric network. So people have every reason to research and control the voltage sag. However, before developing the voltage sag, people have to detect it. On account of the above, this essay will chiefly focus on the detect methods of the voltage sags. In this paper, the status of the short duration power quality disturbance based on the different method are researched firstly, and emphasizes the characteristic of the voltage sag under the situation of the three kinds of voltage sag disturbances like the short circuit fault, induction motor start-up and transformer excitation. On the basis of the above, the short duration power quality disturbance detection method based on S transform is chosen. The complex m

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