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Description:   Need ASP+ ACCESS environment. 98+ PWS OR 2000/XP+ IIS can both normal use. The program does not refer to any script, just stupid good for arbitrary s, so inevitably some deficiencies Please advise! Because the site home page update is only a REVIEW, I think there is no need to write too much content, it is not set to connect to the next page! List of files as follows: add.asp Add module login.htm Login chlogin.asp efficacy default admin password loginerr.asp password error save.asp written to the database news.asp Home remote call file, the default display 10 lines, can modify】 【 test.htm Home Show Demo Note the path inside All documents must be in the same directory, call the file exception. Because the database path is the default path! Call the method <script language=javascript src="news.asp"> </ script> Efficacy default password admin, in chlogin.asp modification methods are called

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