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Plat: PowerBuilder
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Upload time: 2010-07-17 19:37:14
Uploader: q252061160
Description:   PB programs written in general are not good-looking interface, following the case of the interface is dedicated to solve problems to do. This is an imitation of the skin is very beautiful window Vista use PB 9.0 version of the above details, please see inside to open the note

File list:
2007318225990\Skin By借来的安慰\skin.pbw
2007318225990\Skin By借来的安慰\skins.pbl
2007318225990\Skin By借来的安慰\skins.pbt
2007318225990\Skin By借来的安慰\actskin4.ocx
2007318225990\Skin By借来的安慰\skin.dll
2007318225990\Skin By借来的安慰\activeskin.pbl
2007318225990\Skin By借来的安慰\使用说明.txt
2007318225990\Skin By借来的安慰

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