Directory: VOIP program
Plat: Delphi
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Upload time: 2005-10-05 11:23:16
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Description:   reverse the procedure own voice back-agency service, can make two different LAN client through the Internet for voice communications, point-to-point use of this procedure, not through any intermediary server speed, voice minimal delay, loud realistic, and the real effect of IP phone lines, procedural interface simple, simple operation, the interconnection of the IP phone online playing an excellent instrument, the only requirement is to call both sides have to have a computer, and connect to the Internet. This program can achieve the following networking feature : 1. Both the caller is within the same LAN users. Both the caller is different users within the LAN and through their gateways connect to the Internet 3. Both the caller and a direct link into the Internet, and the other at LAN, a

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