Directory: WinSock-NDIS
Plat: ASP
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Upload time: 2009-12-30 14:20:47
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Description:   Instructions for use: 1, "Spring Wave Test System ASP Edition" is a pure ASP code to write the examination software does not use any component can be used to INTERNET and LAN-line examination, while up to carry Jin Qianren online exam tasks, but also for the server configuration requirements are very low, without a dedicated server, the server also need to install special software. 2, the system is very convenient to use, server-side without any installation, the client without any settings, simply type in your Internet web site or web site plus a super-LAN connection is available. 3, system integration, the advantages of all current examination system, and strive to be suitable for all enterprises and institutions and schools of any examination.

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