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Describe: Java Programming for dummies
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Describe: counting sort with openMP
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Describe: BLCD motor ATmega8 driver
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Describe: WiMAx simulink model
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Describe: Descriç ã o de atividades
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Describe: There are variety ways of building 3.3V power supply, such as using voltage divider, voltage regulator and DC-DC converter.
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[Project Manage4A-ESP8266__AT_Instruction_Set__EN_v0.30.rar

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Describe: The ESP8266 wireless WiFi modules can be driven via the serial interface using the standard AT commands. Here is a list of some basic AT commands that can be used.
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[Project ManageGetting-Started-with-the-ESPlorer-IDE---Rui-Santo

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Describe: Getting Started with the ESPlorer IDE
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[Mathimatics-Numerical algorithmsMatlab_Simulink.rar

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Describe: < Matlab_Simulink based robot simulation platform analysis > comparison of different simulation tools
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Describe: MATLAB is applied to a data processing program , can batch oracle data and the simulation results.
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Describe: Closed cut specify IP source network , combined with routines easy language support library expansion interface , network support libraries and intercept network communications support library , by judging the IP address of the connection section , it can intercept the IP address to be accessed .
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Describe: File download source code program , combined with easy language support library expansion interface and network transmission support libraries , download URL address of the file , you can associate the IE context menu .
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