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Describe: test for opencv£¬ it is the best way to test the opencv lib which is new to you
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Describe: its bank managment system so plz download
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Describe: PSO optimization algorithm, PSO algorithm can help beginners learn, and practical application
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Describe: pictures of some classical function
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<stumerrobetalexandru> upload at 2015/3/27 23:03:40
Describe: In this paper we present the usefulness of the algorithm DCT (Discrete cosine Transform) blocks applied level image compression JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Goup). It has been shown that this algorithm is the most efficient in the case of compression because it has very good properties for compaction energy related values. As a basic principle we eliminate high frequencies and keep the low and medium without visibly affecting image. DCT in JPEG compression algorithm is encountered in practical applications such as face detection, skin color, facial recognition, iris, fingerprints
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Describe: its 3d bounce game enjoy downloading and go to hell
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Describe: 16* 16 dot matrix display the received data serial port
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<vsc123zzy> upload at 2015/3/27 22:54:39
Describe: Achieve read bmp image display can be based on the difference between the two images, the image processing tolerance and a tolerance value can be set to change in visual comparison of the two images, saving results show
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Describe: The data collection by Labview examples are given, the acquisition card is using the official NI USB6211.
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Describe: Performance Evaluation of an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing based Wireless Communication System with implementation of Least Mean Square Equalization technique
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Describe: network , ağ temelleri ile ilgili dö k¨¹man
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Describe: This is a 51 singlechip microcomputer relay based control program. To realize the switching state machine with the switch statement in the main function in the timer interrupt cycle, in the cumulative number of interrupts, the combination of the two framework of thought.
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