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<ami_2546> upload at 2016/5/29 21:15:31
Describe: jpeg decoder ss1928
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<127918988> upload at 2016/5/29 21:12:59
Describe: demo UICatagory
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[software engineeringMovie.rar

<371070793> upload at 2016/5/29 21:04:33
Describe: This is a movie ticket management system, mainly to the XML file to add, delete, change, update, including ticket system
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[Education soft systemjspP-javabean-edu-admin.rar

<boy2196> upload at 2016/5/29 21:02:47
Describe: Jsp+servlet+javabean to achieve the school s educational management system.
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[transportation applications3D-printer-design.rar

<boy2196> upload at 2016/5/29 20:56:04
Describe: 3D printer design [3D SW] including DWG drawings SLDASM documents, including.
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[Web ServerCassettePlayer.rar

<2320685687> upload at 2016/5/29 20:42:35
Describe: I believe before 80 knows the tape, it is the symbol of an era, but is now MP3 and PC to completely replace. Today I m going to recommend is an analog tape html5 player, audio player can be used to this is really quite exciting. I believe this will remind you a lot of good memories.
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<2320685687> upload at 2016/5/29 20:40:26
Describe: Multilevel tree classification is based on jQuery accordion achieve a beautiful tree menu code, there are two kinds of styles.
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[Special Effectstrain_coupled_dict.rar

<2282968665> upload at 2016/5/29 20:40:20
Describe: For the acquired image block sparse representation of the dictionary to do joint training
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[Special Effectsextr_lIm_fea.rar

<2282968665> upload at 2016/5/29 20:38:04
Describe: Images were used to calculate make one and two dimensional convolution processing the horizontal and vertical directions
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[Special Effectspanview.rar

<2314565235> upload at 2016/5/29 20:37:30
Describe: This procedure is to 2 pieces of common scenarios for Mosaic images, make its form a complete long figure
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[Special Effectscompute_rmse.rar

<2282968665> upload at 2016/5/29 20:35:26
Describe: It used to calculate the peak signal to noise ratio between the two pictures, which measure the quality of the reconstructed image
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[Special Effectsreg_sparse_coding.rar

<2282968665> upload at 2016/5/29 20:32:44
Describe: Dictionary sparse reconstruction joint training for super-resolution reconstruction, based on the regular framework
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